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Disney Infinity 2 Trailer Reveals Captain America, Avengers Are On The Way

Disney Infinity will be adding Marvel characters to its roster today. A new trailer for the "2.0 Edition" of the game hints that the Avengers will be coming to the game.

The trailer is entitled "Get Ready to Assemble," a reference to the battle cry of the Avengers. No actual Marvel characters can be seen in the video. The camera simply follows Captain America's signature shield ricocheting through the Disney Infinity world.

"Bring on the Super Heroes," reads a title card at the end of the trailer. The description on Marvel's website said that "the possibilities are...infinite."

Disney Infinity is an action-adventure game that features Disney and Pixar characters. It's similar to Activision's Skylanders games. The player buys physical figurines from stores that can then be unlocked for the game by placing them on the Infinity Base peripheral. The player can also modify the game's world or characters by placing Power Discs on the Base.

Infinity launched last summer with characters from films like Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles. They've since added characters from Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, among other movies. However, there are still plenty of Disney and Pixar works to draw from.

Marvel, owned by Disney since 2009, is filled with potential material as well. There are literally thousands of characters they could bring into Infinity. The Avengers are the obvious first choice, though. The team of super heroes is now the subject of a huge film franchise so Disney's not going to pass up another opportunity to sell toys of those characters to kids.

They might not linger on Marvel properties for too long, though. Disney also owns Lucasfilm, after all. I'm sure that churning out Star Wars toys for the game is a top priority for them as well now that they're planning new films. Kids (and let's face it) need their Jedi toys and they need them now.

It's not really clear what Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition is, though. Is it just a digital upgrade for the existing game? Or is it a standalone game that will be coming to stores soon? Will it be released on last-gen consoles again or will the PS4 and Xbox One be part of the mix this time? If Disney's planning to release the game by this summer or fall, we should find out these answers real soon.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.