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By now, we should all know that the console wars are in full swing and while both Microsoft and Sony are fighting to catch up to the current market leader, Nintendo, they are also trying to fight to keep their previous-gen customers moving over to next-gen, and they will do whatever it takes to keep the die-hards from switching sides.

While we don't have any reports of Sony going knee-deep into desperate ex-boyfriend/girlfriend territory by throwing up freebies for gamers who don't have the will to maintain a hardened resolve to switch sides, Microsoft is doing any and everything they can to keep you from leaving them like a poorly decided hot fling during a drunken night in Cambodia.

DualShockers has first-hand experience with jumping ship. As they reported, one of their editors fell in love with the PlayStation brand after seeing Sony's worldwide studio head honcho Shuhei “The Boss” Yoshida react orgasmically to the awesomeness of the PlayStation 4 gaming experience like Antonio Banderas; so he decided it was time to stop paying to pay to watch TV on his TV, and join the black blue brand for good.

This resulted in one of the editors canceling their Xbox Live subscription renewal, in which case they were greeted with a special bonus if they decided to stay with Microsoft. However, that wasn't enough. Shuhei brought the heat like Antonio brought the amour, and the editor decided to contact Microsoft's customer support for further clarification and to end his long running relationship with Microsoft.

So what happened? Well, support asked why exactly he was canceling his Xbox Live subscription and he said it was because he was switching to the PS4, in which case support opted to extend him the following bonus...

Well, despite offering that kind of goodness to the editor, it still wasn't enough to persuade him. Shuhei had strangled his heart with promises of grandeur, and the editor couldn't be persuaded to head back to 720p gaming at sub-20 frames per second. He was convinced that the PlayStation brand is where greatness awaited, and so it was time to put the old and the haggily behind him and look forward to a newer and better. If this were a mid-life crisis, the PS4 would be the new mistress.

If your allegiance to the PlayStation brand isn't too strong, you might be eligible to receive some bonus goods to stay with the company who wants to keep a camera on you at all times. If you don't mind paying to pay to watch TV on your TV, and you really like sports TV, and you really enjoy talking and playing with yourself in front of the camera, Microsoft just might have some good incentives for you.

However, as noted on Dualshockers, this goodwill courtesy may not be extended to everyone. If you're thinking about jumping ship and your brand loyalty can be bought for the price of a few months of free Xbox Live, it's definitely worth looking into.

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