The Division Servers Will Be Going Down Tomorrow For Maintenance

Ubisoft has a weekly scheduled maintenance period for The Division. The game's massive player load and consistent run-in with glitches and bugs sees Ubisoft constantly on the prowl for finding problems and fixing them as soon as possible.

The next weekly scheduled maintenance for The Division takes place at 9am CET, which is 4am EST, according to Shacknews. The third-person, MMO shooter will be down for approximately three full hours as Ubisoft makes the necessary updates and fixes to the game to keep it running clean and pristine.

The move to have weekly scheduled maintenance also gives Ubisoft time to address and hotfix some of the more glaring glitches that some players have been using as exploits to cheat their way to victory.

For some of these problems Ubisoft apparently had to make unscheduled emergency maintenance sessions, taking the game down for half an hour to address the problem, as noted by the official Twitter account for The Division back on April 1st.

Shortly after the game launched Ubisoft announced that they would be taking on a weekly maintenance approach to keep the servers in tip-top shape and the game running as smoothly as possible. For an MMO it's sometimes tough finding that balancing act between running a fun game and keeping things online for as long as possible without interrupting play.

Scheduled maintenance also means that anyone who had any plans on playing the game during this time will simply have to play something else. If you're stuck at a job during that time and you want to play while on break, tough luck. If you're suffering from insomnia and you want to blast down some perpetrators in a post-apocalyptic New York before heading off to bad, you won't be doing it during the scheduled downtime. Or if you run a very busy life and your only off-period is when it's set for maintenance, you'll just have to find another game to play.

This is part of the problem when it comes to games reliant on persistent server infrastructures to function. It means that the player-base is at the mercy of the publisher's servers. It also means that down the line if Ubisoft decides to focus on a sequel to The Division, or maybe even a spinoff, and they take the original game's servers offline, all your progress, characters and time invested into the game goes kaput. It's an unfortunate fate that many MMO players have to deal with.

Now they don't mention if Ubisoft will be doing anything special during the downtime of this most recent scheduled maintenance, so it sounds like it's business as usual. Things will continue as normal leading up to the big Incursion update, which will feature some brand new content, enemies and quests.

Incursion will be part of series of major content patches for The Division in order to keep gamers glued to the screen throughout 2016. After Ubisoft releases several free updates they plan on releasing the paid updates. It's not a bad way to lure in leery gamers with free content and then eventually wheel out the premium DLC after they get hooked.

Just remember that you won't be playing much of The Division between 9am CET and 12pm CET on Tuesday, tomorrow. So keep that in mind when scheduling your playtime around Ubisoft's third-person shooter.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.