DmC: Devil May Cry Vergil's Downfall Dated, Bloody Palace DLC Is Free

Good news for gamers who are still latched onto the cuffs of Emo Dante's pants. I know, I know, the new fans of DmC claim that Emo Dante isn't Emo, but that's just how we differentiate Emo Dante from Old Dante. Anyway, the good news is that Vergil's Downfall DLC will be available on March 5th two weeks from now but the Bloody Palace Mode DLC is free right now.

Capcom is desperately trying to get back on the good side of gamers by not attempting to so easily screw people over. They've been working hard to repair their reputation (a little bit) and one of those steps to fix their rep is handing out free DLC in the form of the Bloody Palace, which you can download right now from Xbox Live, PC or the PlayStation Network.

They also detailed Vergil's Downfall a bit in the press release, noting...

Vergil’s Downfall features the opportunity to play as Vergil with hours of new gameplay, four difficulty levels and an all new storyline, weapons, combos, enemies and locations. The additional content will be available to purchase for 720 Microsoft Points and $8.99 on PSN and PC.

You'll be able to step into the shoes of Vergil soon enough (assuming you haven't traded the game in for Aliens: Colonial Marines) and start kicking butt and taking names with brand new combo moves and lots of deadly attacks.

Devil May Cry is available right now for home consoles and PC. You can learn more about the game, its DLC and how Emo Dante isn't really all that emo by visiting the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.