Let’s face it: We’ve all wanted to be a part of some elaborate heist. Taking it a step further, we’ve all wanted to double cross our accomplices during said heist and make away with the goods by our onesies. Well, those nefarious schemes can finally be made into a reality with the announcement of Kalypso Media Digital’s upcoming title, Dollar Dash.

A top-down arcade game with an emphasis on multiplayer mayhem, Dollar Dash is set to make an appearance on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC later this year.

In Dollar Dash, players compete with up to three opponents to grab the most cash. Using all sorts of weapons, gadgets and off-the-wall tactics, you must outthink and outgun your fellow thieves in order to pull off the biggest score.

Players will be able to customize their own thieves, upgrade their weapons and earn perks that will make their life on the wrong side of the tracks a little bit easier. Dollar Dash features 30 maps, more than 20 weapons and drop-in/jump-out multiplayer for matches both online and offline.

There’s a single player option, too, but this is one of those games that will play way better with a few friends in tow.

Sadly, that’s about all of the details we can dig up at this time. I can’t even locate a trailer to show off the actual gameplay. Instead, I’ll ask that you close your eyes and imagine the opening scene from The Dark Knight, only replace all of those pistols with silly weaponry and the screams of fear with bouts of laughter.

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