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One of the new trailers for DOOM centers directly on the game's optional feature to play as the demons within the game as well as some of the power-ups to give you an advantage and the weapons in which to take down anything and anyone that isn't you.

PC Gamer did a brief write-up on the new trailer, explaining how the player can take command of four of the demons within DOOM and how it changes the way the game is played. You can check out the minute long trailer below.

The four playable demons include the Baron of Hell, Mancubus, Revenant and Prowler. This is my first time seeing the Prowler in action. I'm not entirely sure what it's special abilities are but it appears to be able to clear distances with ease and take out foes with vicious melee attacks.

I don't believe they've shown the Mancubus in action yet, but I could be wrong. The clips for this newest DOOM have all been short and snappy, and fast and loose when it comes to editing. We get snippets of information and partial packets that preview the content in id Software's upcoming reboot of the classic first-person shooter.

For sure, the two demons that many people know well are the Revenant and Baron of Hell, both of which managed to get some ample time in the spotlight. In the video above we see that the Baron of Hell stomps and chomps through the arenas, biting off heads and smashing the Marines into pulp.

The Revenant still appears to be the most dangerous of the group given its ability to fly and shoot long-range, explosive heat-seeking missiles at foes. It's one of the most feared and challenging enemies within the DOOM lore. It doesn't take much to put down a Revenant, but while it's rampaging it can be very dangerous.

I'm glad they decided to keep many of the designs similar to the originals. The Baron of Hell was such a daunting mini-boss in the first DOOM episode, mission 8 called Phobos Anomaly. You fought two Barons of Hell in a pentagram as the episode's final boss mission. The music was intense, the setup was eerie and riddled with tension, and the fight itself was no easy task given that Barons of Hell take a lot of firepower to put them down for good.

Sadly it doesn't appear as if players can don the role of one of the more underrated but truly devastating enemies, the Arch-vile. Being able to restore other monsters, go through walls and put players on fire from a distance would have been insane. Arch-viles had glass jaws but could pack a wallop that might even keep Duke Nukem down for the count. Maybe they'll make them playable in a DLC update?

Anyway, the trailer rounds out with a quick look at some of the power-ups, such as Quad Damage and Invisibility – classics from the original DOOM. We also get a very brief snippet of the Chainsaw, BFG and Gauss Cannon in action before the trailer ends.

PC Gamer notes that the beta gets underway for DOOM between March 31 and April 3. The game itself launches on May 13 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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