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Double Dragon Neon Coming To Xbox 360 And PS3

WayForward Technologies is bringing classic side-scroller Double Dragon back from the dead. Double Dragon Neon is an Xbox Live Arcade and PSN reboot that adds a bit of 80s magic to the beat 'em up.

How do you make a game originally released in 1987 feel more eighties? Well, as Neon's name suggests, the game's color scheme has a whole lot of electric blue and hot pink. IGN reports that the soundtrack is heavy on guitar solos, keyboards, and synth drums too.

Neon, like the original, stars Billy and Jimmy Lee. They're trying to save their girlfriend Marian from a nefarious character called Skullmageddon. Yes, Marian is the girlfriend of both brothers. In the original game, the two players had to fight at the end to decide who wins her affections. Ah, romance.

The core gameplay - walking down the street and beating up thugs - remains intact. You'll dispense enemies using martial arts moves like flying knees and spnning kicks. You can also use weapons like hand grenades and baseball bats that you find along the way.

The IGN report mentions a "grid-like system of earning and upgrading power-ups." They don't mention any other details about it. Still, a progression system sounds like an interesting twist and could be enough to elevate the game above "just a simple remake" status.

Neon will launch this summer.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.