Back in the day, you only needed a couple of things to save the day: Your fists and a bro. Majesco Entertainment is hoping that that formula is as strong as it ever was, as Double Dragon Neon has been announced for a September release on the PlayStation Network.

Some of you more seasoned gamers may remember the brothers Billy and Jimmy, a pair of tough as nails martial arts expert who had a bone to pick with any criminal stupid enough to steal their woman. Well, it looks like Marian can’t seem to stay out of harm’s way, as she has once again been swiped by a nefarious group of hoodlums. To get her back, Billy and Jimmy must once again call on the power of the Double Dragon.

It looks like a real bad dude going by the name Skullmageddon is responsible for Marian’s disappearance, and his minions only understand one thing when it comes to “negotiation”: A swift boot to the face.

As you might expect, Double Dragon Neon also features two-player “Bro-Op” (No, seriously, that’s what they call it), as well as special powers, upgrades, tag-team moves and more.

Double Dragon Neon is headed to PSN this month for $9.99, though no exact date has been announced. As an added bonus for PlayStation Plus Subscribers, however, the game will be 100 percent free between its launch date and Juanuary of next year. Booya!

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