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Before fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins hits stores, another prequel novel is going to be released. Dragon Age: The Calling, penned by DA:O lead writer David Gaider, will hit stores on October 13th.

Calling continues the storyline established by Gaider in his previous DA novel, The Stolen Throne. A king must lead the legendary Grey Wardens into the subterranean Deep Roads to root out a traitor and the darkspawn he's allied himself with. The Grey Wardens and darkspawn both figure prominently into Dragon Age: Origins' plot so you'll be well prepared for the game if you pick up Calling and the other novel.

The PC and Xbox 360 will receive Dragon Age: Origins on November 3rd in North America and on November 6th in Europe. The PS3 version's release is still simply listed as "November."

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