Dragon Age: Inquisition will continue to improve over time, courtesy of a number of patches planned by the BioWare team. The first of those updates (not including the day-one patch) launches today for most platforms, offering tweaks to stability, multiplayer and more.

The folks at BioWare have made it known that they plan to continue supporting Dragon Age: Inquisition in the coming months. The game proper actually launched in a very solid state, not plagued by the countless bugs and errors that tend to plague these types of large games nowadays. Still, nothing is perfect and the developers aim to continue improving upon what many have already deemed the best game of the year.

Today’s patch is available for the PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, with the team promising an Xbox One update “as soon as possible.” According to the official announcement, today’s patch is focused on four key areas. Taken from the announcement, you can expect improved:

Stability: Various crashes, freezes, audio/voice glitches and many stability improvements.

Gameplay: Conversations, quests, plot states, combat, UI, camera, controls, followers/enemy AI and path finding, exploits, radar and search.

Multiplayer: In addition to some of the gameplay improvements listed above, multiplayer fixes also cover areas such as animations, game mode bugs, stat reporting and stability/crash fixs.

PC: Numerous control and UI fixes, fixes to some hitching, improved Mantle performance, graphical glitches.

Some folks get upset by patches, which is understandable given the state of many games on day one. “Patches” have almost become synonymous with “fixing a damn-near broken game,” which isn’t the case for Dragon Age: Inquisition. BioWare managed to put out a pretty solid build and, sadly, that’s a pretty rare occurrence these days. So today’s patch simply means they’re taking an already great game and making it even better, unlike more notorious recent examples. *cough*Assassin’s Creed*cough*Master Chief Collection*cough*

One of today’s main fixes, it turns out, revolves around PC controls.

“Patch 2 includes the first range of fixes towards addressing the feedback we’ve received on the PC controls; it cleans things up so you’ll see fewer problems with the current layout,” reads the announcement. “This gives us a more stable base upon which to work. After Patch 2 goes out, our next priority is to improve the PC mouse/keyboard controls further. We’re investigating how to expand on PC usability and functionality to address specific requests from the community.”

Moving ahead, BioWare will shift focus to features and content, once the game is playing as smoothly as possible across all areas and all platforms.

“…There were some things the team wanted to get in at launch, but we just ran out of time,” continues the announcement. “We’ll be creating these new features and content and adding them into your game over time because we love our DAI players. Multiplayer will also be receiving regular content updates.”
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