Namco Bandai released a batch of brand new screenshots for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Dragon Ball Z Kinect. While the Xbox 360 gets a lot of shafting in Japan, I wonder how DBZ fans will react knowing that this Kinect exclusive will force gamers to either 360-up or miss out? Interesting times, indeed.

The screenshots are standard-fare stuff, featuring fan favorites from the popular Japanese anime, including Vegita, Goku and Gohan doing battle in some intense cel-shaded action.

As indicated by the screenshots, the game is a first-person fighting game and players will use their body via the Kinect to punch, kick, charge up and fire Ki-balls at their opponents. I imagine this game could easily get people in shape after nearly half an hour of either trying to beat the mess out of the super-powered heroes/villains of Earth or having the mess beat out of you by the super-powered heroes/villains of Earth.

With more than 50 characters to boot, 100 moves to perform and select scenes from the classic anime interspersed throughout the gameplay, this is a perfect game for Dragon Ball Z fanatics. You can look for the title to launch on October 31st next month, exclusively for the Xbox 360. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

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