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Namco Bandai has sent out word that Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi has officially launched for Xbox 360 and PS3 and is currently available at local retailers. In commemoration of the news the official launch trailer has also been set loose upon the world.

DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi is running on a brand new game engine, sporting enhanced destructible environments, new fighting moves, cleaner special effects and even faster more fluent gameplay.

The biggest addition to Ultimate Tenkaichi isn’t just the new graphic effects but the Hero Mode and the attached create-a-fighter mode. The new fighter creation allows gamers to make their favorite kind of fighter, whether they’re alien, human, Saiyan, Namek, or a Buu person, your imagination is your only limit. There’s even the option to customize your moveset, choose your transformation outcome and designate your super abilities. What’s more is that you can take your creation online and battle your friends for the rank of the universe’s strongest fighter.

Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, Namco Bandai Games America commented in the press release, saying…
Fans of the Dragon Ball series will appreciate the attention to detail taken in mirroring the popular franchise,” … “Fight presentations including battles with giant bosses and additional levels and fighters from the movies and Dragon Ball GT series are amongst the ways we’ve drawn from the original anime.”

You can check out the official launch trailer for the game below or pick up your copy of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi for the Xbox 360 or PS3 from local retailers for $59.99.

To learn more about the game feel free to visit the Official Website.