Dragon's Crown has been on the receiving end of a lot of media buzz, controversy and contention amongst some members of the vidya gaem jurnolizm ring. Despite all the heated debates surrounding the game, George Kamitani's dream game is finally coming true and the new launch trailer aims to celebrate that dream.

Dragon's Crown is designed in the same vein as Capcom's older Dungeons & Dragons game. Ironically enough, despite the shared similarity to Dungeons & Dragons and being somewhat of an updated version of the classic Capcom brawler, Kamitani's Dragon's Crown was actually rejected by Capcom.

Now some people could point to the controversial character designs that feature two scantily clad female avatars -- which has caused a lot of ruckus -- as being the main reason why Capcom would deny publishing the beat 'em up. Although, all it takes is one look at Cammy, Poison, Chun-Li or any host of other female characters in many of Capcom's other games to see that aversion to sexual objectification could not be their reasons for abandoning the game. That would be one of the most hypocritical policies ever.

Regardless of a few publishers passing up Dragon's Crown, however, the game has gone on to sell quite well in Japan and the game is expected to sell just as well in North America.

The game sports more than 20 hours of gameplay for each character playthrough and offers players plenty of unlockable content and goodies to warrant additional replay values. It's like a classic game where instead of having a bunch of fee-to-play features or pay-to-win cash shop items, they actually want you to take your time and enjoy the game. It's like Vanillaware understands that people won't want to trade their game in if it has more than eight paltry hours of Hollywood explosions and cliched storylines. Amazing.

As evidenced in the launch trailer above, the game also sports additional unlockables, including artwork and items to expand your character's strength and abilities, as well as add some extra stuffs to look at and diddle around with just for the sake of it.

Dragon's Crown is set for release exclusively on PlayStation platforms. I hope that at some point the game gets a PC release on Steam, it could definitely pick up a nice audience on there.

You can look for the game to become available this August courtesy of the financially decrepit Atlus. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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