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Capcom has extensive post-launch plans for their action RPG Dragon's Dogma. They will release two free updates with new game modes later this year, and then follow that up with a full-fledged expansion pack.

One update will add "Speedrun" mode. As the name suggests, it tasks players with completing the game as quickly as possible. In-game items will be doled out for meeting various time objectives.

Hard mode, meanwhile, gives skilled players a much-needed challenge. Players will encounter tougher enemies and more impressive rewards. Capcom previously released an Easy mode for the game in August so the game should accomodate a wide range of players now.

The upcoming expansion pack, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, will be released sometime in 2013. That's all that Capcom has announced so far. They did send out a teaser trailer and screenshots, though. The trailer warns players that they'll be heading "into the depths of an unknown darkness."

Capcom has made it clear that they view Dogma as a franchise rather than a standalone game. Their extensive DLC plans, and hints at a sequel, more than prove the point.

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