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Capcom has filed a trademark for Dragon's Dogma Online. The trademark was filed on December 2nd in Japan and December 5th in both the U.S., and Europe, just last year. Unfortunately no details about the game have been revealed.

IGN notes that the trademark just recently went public. It can be safely assumed that this upcoming game could likely end up being an MMO-style game. Even though the trademark was filed for Japan, Europe and North America, there's really no guarantee that the game will actually launch in all three territories, or that it will even become a new game.

There's also the possibility that Dragon's Dogma Online could end up being a lot like Monster Hunter Online, which managed to make its debut in China under the Tencent label but may or may not ever see the light of day in America, even though there have been some comments about the game releasing internationally.

Dragon's Dogma was one of the few really cool games that Capcom developed and published in recent years. The title came out back in 2012 to a lot of critical acclaim and tons of positive player feedback (which is very important for establishing a new IP and hoping to build a brand off of it).

Some of the highlights of Dragon's Dogma was that the game had a really dynamic and stylish combat system. Player-characters used the weapons with a lot of flair and panache, and it gave the game somewhat of an identity all its own even amongst the sea of other medieval-fantasy titles out there. The combat also extended into the game's boss battles, which were designed very similar to some concepts from encounters in horror-survival games. Players could be grabbed by bosses and would have to fight out of it, or climb up on some enemies to attack certain points. It was a little like Shadow of the Colossus meets Resident Evil 4 meets Lost Planet.

The story for the game was pretty generic, as players will set to task of taking down a dragon. There were some complaints about the generic elements of the character story, but that's usually what happens when you make a game where you can customize the character to your liking. I can't think of a game where players could create their own character – from gender, to skin color, to build – and the player-story was actually in-depth, intriguing and non-generic.

If Dragon's Dogma Online does stick to the same formula then it's likely gamers will end up with another generic story. Still, a forgettable story attached to some really good gameplay, in-depth customization and a really grounded combat system would pretty much even itself out. A game like RaiderZ or Monster Hunter Online didn't need an elaborate, Heavy Rain-esque story to tell in order to hook players and maintain engagement.

Right now it's hard to tell exactly what Capcom will do with Dragon's Dogma Online but now that the trademark is filed we might expect an announcement sometime this year, perhaps? I guess we'll have to stick around and see what happens at this year's upcoming E3.
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