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Urban legends go back hundreds of years, like the tale of the woman who was followed in her car all the way home by a sinister-looking truck flashing it’s high beams and, as we all know, that driver was just trying to warn her of the man in her back seat wielding a knife. Or how about the story of the kid who mixed Pop Rocks and Pepsi? Or the woman who woke up in a tub full of ice sans both kidneys?

Or what about the company known as 3D Realms which promised the gaming world a true sequel to it’s cult classic FPS, Duke Nukem 3D? Sure, we’ve all heard the rumors for years now, some of us even claiming to have seen a screenshot or two—but it looks like there may actually be some truth under all of the guises and myths that have surrounded the supposed Duke Nukem Forever title, first unearthed over a decade ago.

Scott Miller, President and CEO of 3D Realms has made an official statement on the game, saying that it will indeed be released for the major systems sometime in late 2008. Sounds promising Mr. Miller, but could you give the anxious gaming community a little bit more insight into the project?

"We haven't formally announced a platforms for DNF. But of course hitting the big three makes the most sense. We're really excited about bringing classic Duke to the 360. We're talking to Microsoft about getting a release slot sometime this year,” Miller said.

In true Duke release fashion, Miller then added "We may miss the mark by a month or two, but I feel very confident that we're on the target this time."

Could this oft-forgotten urban legend finally be coming true? Is there bubble-gum to be chewed or ass to be kicked sometime in the foreseeable future? Personally, I’d like to say “we’ll find out soon enough”, but I think we’ve all heard that one before.