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In addition to being 75% off to celebrate its one year anniversary, Dungeon Defenders has been on the receiving end of a new content update that includes free DLC for the next weeks.

At this very moment Dungeon Defenders and all its previously released DLC, including characters, missions, expansion packs and more, are all 75% off. Awesome eh?

If you've never been for DLC at least now it's cheap enough to nearly be free...or in the case of the free DLC, it's just free.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower-defense, action-RPG that supports local and online co-op. The game also sports a rather intuitive loot-and-grind feature set so you'll always be on the lookout for new armor, weapons and accessories as well as facing off against some dangerous hordes in Nightmare mode.

You can grab Dungeon Defenders and more DLC than it's worth counting for the discounted 75% off during Steam's mid-week madness sale, or if you already have the game and all the DLC be sure to install the new anniversary DLC, which will be free for the next two weeks. Get it while the getting is good.

For more info feel free to visit the Official Dungeon Defenders Website.