Trendy Entertainment and Reverb Publishing announced today that the third part of The Quest For The Lost Eternia Shards for Dungeon Defenders has gone live for PC Gamers. Also, PSN and XBLA gamers will be able to download Part II of the Eternia Shards DLC starting today.

While console gamers may be a bit peeved that they're an entire DLC pack behind PC gamers, Trendy is just making sure they work out all the kinks and get the DLC patched right the first time around, that way they don't have to spend $40,000 just to patch it again later.

Anyways, Part III for the Lost Eternia Shards features a brand new aqua zone, brand new enemies, brand new weapons and even a new skin for the Countess that turns her into a mermaid. There are also new PvP battlegrounds, a big bad new boss and a host of other cool features jam packed into the budget-priced DLC.

For console gamers Part II of the Lost Eternia Shards brings gamers to the desert of Morocco, where they'll battle Djinns, spiders, goblins and each other with both campaign maps and a brand new PvP battleground. What's more is that additional costumes, armor, weapons and items have also been added, including a Samus alternative for the EV Series.

You can pick up the DLC right now from the Live Marketplace, the PlayStation Store or Steam right now. For further information on the game feel free to visit the Official Website.


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