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Starting today, Dungeon Defenders' new DLC, Quest for the Lost Eternia Shard Part 1, is currently available on Steam. That very same DLC will be arriving for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network next week on December 21st.

The new DLC will be the first part of a series of DLC that takes gamers outside of the cavernous enclosures of the castle keeps. Not only that but the DLC will also add 10 brand new weapons, a new pet, a new boss, and additional cinematic enemies.

As stated in the press release...
A Complete Pack of all 4 parts of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards is available now on Steam for a limited time for only $9.75 (retail $12.99). Purchasing this will grant players access to the content as it releases as well as early access to Nightmare Mode. Nightmare Mode is an even harder difficulty mode which will eventually unlock for PC owners of all 4 DLC packs and incorporate all of the new enemies into the full campaign. Complete Pack owners will get to try out Nightmare Mode with these enemies as they are released.

I just hope Trendy Entertainment is careful with how they release DLC and promote it as "the definitive way" to play the game, but ensures that gamers still have the complete experience with the full vanilla version of the game without the DLC. Otherwise I can see gamers quickly getting a exhausted at that rate.

Still, if the DLC offers up plenty of replayable fun and enough hours to keep gamers busy for many a sleepless-nights, then it's all good.

You can learn more about Dungeon Defenders by paying a visit to the Official Website.