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Tower defense/action RPG hybrid Dungeon Defenders's first few months on the PC and consoles were a huge success. Reverb Communications revealed that the game has sold over one million copies on Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam.

"It is a tremendously successful franchise," Reverb Doug Kennedy told Joystiq. "We have lots of plans to support it both with DLC and additional add-ons for the franchise."

In Defenders, up to four players must work together to fend off waves of monsters. Each character class has unique abilities and defensive towers that can be placed across the map. You earn experience, gold, and items in battle to help you improve your character and his towers.

Since release, developer Trendy Entertainment has been adding new classes, equipment, levels and more to the game. The most recent DLC packs brought the the Barbarian class and three assault missions.

Defenders first debuted on iOS and Android in 2010. Later this year Trendy plans to release the game on the PlayStation Vita as well.

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