CCP has announced that the PlayStation 3 MMOFPS exclusive, Dust 514, will be free-to-play at launch. The game will directly tie into the EVE Online universe and gamers won't have to pay a dime to join the battle.

CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson commented about the game's new free-to-play motif, saying...
“DUST 514 has everything you could want in a shooter: thrilling gameplay, spectacular graphics and an incredible strategic depth that comes from sharing the living universe of EVE Online,” ... “DUST 514 embodies the passion and creativity the world has come to expect from CCP, and we think PlayStation 3 owners will be amazed at the opportunity to play such a groundbreaking new game of this caliber for free.”

Sony has been the only console manufacture this generation to embrace the free-to-play movement with games like Free Realms and their super-hero MMO, DC Universe Online. The company has also recently had KillZone 3's multiplayer convert into a free-to-play experience, enabling gamers to dip into the game without an entry fee.

The highlight of Dust 514 is that the game will employ players as a mercenary grouped up with other players, fighting to control resources across thousands of different planets with intense first-person shooting mechanics at the core of the game. It sounds interesting, no doubt.

Phil Rosenberg, SVP of Business Development, Sony Computer Entertainment America shared a few thoughts on the transition of Dust 514 into a free-to-play FPS, saying...
"As the first true free-to-play FPS on PS3, DUST 514 signifies a big step forward in the evolution of console gaming," ... "PS3 is the only platform where players will experience a AAA game like this for free, and showcases our commitment to deliver the best games exclusively on PlayStation Network."

Sweet. This is definitely a game most shooter fans will probably want to check out later this year. CCP will also have hands-on impressions available for Dust 514 at their upcoming Fanfest on March 22nd in Reykjavik, Iceland.

You can learn more about Dust 514 at the Official Website or look for it to become available digitally, exclusively on the PS3 later this year.

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