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For folks who have been eagerly anticipating the first major DLC expansion for Dying Light, we now have a better idea of when survivors of the zombie apocalypse will be able to dive into The Following. Good news! It’s a lot sooner than you might thing.

The Dying Light team has finally narrowed down a launch window for The Following, an expansion pack that will add a huge new piece of landscape, new story beats, gear and even vehicles to help you get through the undead outbreak. They made the announcement through a clever new trailer, which you can check out below.

Not only does this Release Date Window Reveal trailer for Dying Light do a good job of teasing the upcoming content by showing a brief glimpse of the new playground you’ll be able to call home, but the actual reveal is pretty spiffy too. After diving off of a cliff into water, the protagonist sees a zombie trying to claw its way out of a crate that clearly reads “Q1 2016.” I wish they would have just left it at that but, just in case some folks weren’t picking up on the not-too-subtle hint, a splash screen goes on to confirm that we’ll all be able to enjoy The Following early next year.

Another trailer was revealed in late September to keep the hype train rolling, this one serving as a commercial of sorts for the Silas buggy you’ll be able to drive all over the new map and through zombie hordes. We have, of course, included that for your viewing pleasure, too.

What’s super crazy about all of this is the fact that, even though this DLC pack appears to be huge in scale, it’s included in the Season Pass that was made available for Dying Light earlier this year. As mentioned above, it’s almost like you’re getting a whole new game here. On top of the vehicles, the new weapons, enemy types and missions, you’re getting a new section of map that’s bigger than what’s available in the standard game. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if a “Game of the Year”-type package was released including the whole kit and caboodle but, either way, this looks like a fantastic reason for fans of Dying Light to finally return to the game.

Look for The Following to become available no later than April of 2016.

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