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A new trailer for Techland's upcoming Dying Light from Warner Bros. Games features a wrap-up of a lot of the game's content, including but not limited to the zombies that players will face down against, the four-player cooperative mode that a lot f gamers probably didn't know existed and some of the weapons that would be available throughout the play experience.

The trailer, as spotted by Aggrogamer, starts off with a collage of praiseworthy quotes from various media outlets all while showcasing some of the game's more thrilling moments. We also get to see some of the sub-boss characters in action as well as a mechanic I didn't know existed: a grappling hook.

During one harrowing sequence we see the player-character on the verge of being overwhelmed by various zombies during the day time, but before they can narrow in on him, he whips out a grappling hook and jettisons upward toward a building like Batman.

It looks pretty cool, but I do wonder if adding too many elements of easy-escape will diminish some of the game's challenge? For instance, what would stop the player from simply Batmaning their way around and about the play-areas instead of engaging the zombies? It would seem like a quick way to avoid any kind of challenge or thrill.

Then again, maybe the grappling hook has a limited number of uses or perhaps acquiring it is a rare and difficult thing? At this point it's tough to tell just what role the grappling hook will play in the game and whether or not it will be easily accessible enough to efface some of the hardships present or create a facile gameplay atmosphere remains to be seen, but I really hope it's not a get-me-out-of-jail card feature.

As for the multiplayer, I was unaware that the game featured four-player co-op, but it appears that it's in there. It also appears as if players will be able to deck out and customize their characters, which should provide an interesting play atmosphere for a lot of gamers.

Given today's focus on females being present in hardcore action titles, I do wonder if there will be a gender option in there for the opposite sex? Ubisoft caught a lot of ire from the gaming community over their lack of having playable females in the main story mode of Assassin's Creed Unity. They later did reveal that there would be a prominent female in the game, but there was already a lot of PR damage done over the game.

I'm wondering if Techland will address that issue before the February, 2015 launch date? You can look for Dying Light to arrive next year for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.
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