Including sequels and spinoffs, the Dynasty Warriors series has about a kabillion games included in its library. The latest addition, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires is now set for a Feb. 19 release, exclusively on the PlayStation 3, according to Tecmo Koei.

This latest iteration of the Dynasty Warriors formula takes a small step back from the historical Chinese figures of the main series, putting more of a focus on the player creating their own player and becoming a part of the ancient struggle themselves. Of course, with the inclusion of Xu Shu as a new playable character, those who do not wish to work on progressing their own character still have a whopping 66 series staples to choose from.

The Dynasty Warriors games are typically third-person hack-and-slash affairs, giving players control of a supped up warlord and a small army of minions to command. The Empires spinoffs dive a bit deeper into tactics, allowing the player to craft their own experience based on the actions they take in battle.

While gaining fame on the battle field, the player will take on the role of one of three types of warriors. The Ruler utilizes battle to claim and control their own nation. The Strategist gains power by cleverly taking over neighboring territories. Finally, there’s the Free Officer, who utilizes most of their time as a mercenary, selling their ass-kicking services to the highest bidder.

With the ability to create your own character’s looks, animations and even weapon techniques, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires looks to add a more customized and strategic slant to the typical “run here, kill these dudes, repeat” formula. Look for it to hit U.S. shores on Feb. 19.

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