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Bethesda's Splash Damage collaboration Brink isn't the only thing they're showing off at E3. They've also released the debut trailer for the upcoming fourth DLC episode for Fallout 3.

It's hard to believe that you can make the world of Fallout look darker than it already is but that's just what they're doing with Point Lookout. Lookout adds a gloomy new swamp area filled with new quests, bloodthirsty mutants, and perhaps even some riverboat gamblin'. Side note: "Point Lookout" is the name of a town not far from where your humble editor grew up. Though this DLC may lead you to believe otherwise, the real Point Lookout is not a zombie-infested swamp.

The end of the trailer mentions the release date: June 23rd. That's when the PC and Xbox 360 will get it, anyway. Over the course of the summer, the PS3 will receive the three DLC episodes previously released for the other two versions of the game. They'll probably get Lookout in the fall.