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At this year's E3 Microsoft showed off a number of games, definitely better than what they've done in the past two. One of the exclusives that was on display at this year's show was Gore Verbinski's much talked about foray into gaming, Matter.

The last we heard of Verbinski was that he was interested in making a BioShock movie that the studios wanted to hammer down hard with a PG-13 rating. Instead, he's gone on to the opposite end of the spectrum by joining forces with Microsoft and working on a game instead of a movie called Matter. Check out a brief teaser clip below.

It's interesting that such a prominent filmmaker would be joining forces with a game company to make a puzzle-type, rolling ball game set in a Tron-type universe. But filmmakers are no strangers to video games, with Steven Spielberg having his game Boom Blox make waves on the Nintendo Wii...although that didn't bode too well for the dev team in the end.

Regardless, Matter looks interesting. I'm not really sure how you play the game or what's up with that weird probing looking thing that the ball does at one point but hey, a new game exclusively for the Xbox 360 from the same guy who likes working with Johnny Depp is something...right? ...Right? Oh well.

Matter is due out next year exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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