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The very first look at the single-player gameplay of Halo 4 for the Xbox 360 has been released. Thanks to this year's E3, Microsoft unveiled a brief glimpse at Master Chief and Cortana as they face off against old enemies, familiar enemies and brand new enemies.

Microsoft spared no expense in bringing gamers a truly bona fide look at the expansive Halo universe in just a few short minutes, mixing CG with live-action and actual in-game play. I'm not going to spoil a darn thing for you. Just watch the trailer below.

Pretty snazzy eh? What's more is that Halo 4 will have full integration with the new Windows tablet thanks to Microsoft's new Smartglass cross-compatibility functionality allowing for gamers to experience all the fun and excitement from your home console experience by taking the game on the go with you.

You can check out the brief Smartglass feature for Halo 4 below, which allows you to keep track of your stats, scope out leaderboards and do a number of other nifty things only a mobile device could do...or not.

We'll definitely have more stuff for you to show off as it becomes available. Halo 4 definitely has some cool features and the new Forerunner tech definitely stands out. Halo 4 is set for release November, exclusively for the Xbox 360.