One of the new games briefly spotlighted during Microsoft' E3 2012 press conference was a little XBLA title called Mark of the Ninja, made from the same gruesome minds who brought us the action-packed side-scrollers Shank and Shank 2.

Mark of the Ninja is very similar to Shank, insofar that it's a gritty side-scroller that focuses on bringing the fun back into shanking or knifing people using a pajama-dressed assassin.

Now, said pajama-dressed ninja assassin is not the typical louse who hops around being all loud and silly. The pajama assassin in this game relies on shadows, utilizes stealth and has to watch out for guys with guns and guards with dogs.

The images give gamers a brief idea of what the environment scenarios will be like, enabling gamers in some areas to attack from various positions or to attack head-on. We get to see how ninja dude can string up opponents, cling to walls and stalk his prey.

I especially like the art-style. It's such a throwback to some of those awesome Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden games from the 16-bit era. So cool. Sadly, there's no footage of pajama assassin in action, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how it all plays out and whether it's closer to a game like Flashback where stealth is vital or more-so on the line of Metal Assault where stealth is optional.

You can check out the screenshots below or pay a visit to the Official Klei Entertainment Website to learn more about the game.

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