I love this game. I love the look of it. I love the concept behind it. I love what it represents. The Unfinished Swan is about the joy of exploration and the wonders involved with discovering that joy. If you don't quite understand, just check out the 12 minute gameplay trailer.

Now look, I'll be the first to admit that the gameplay is exceptionally tedious, but in a really wacky, fun sort of way. If you really enjoy the moment-to-moment discovery of artistically flavored gameplay, then you'll definitely fall in love with The Unfinished Swan. And don't think that the entire game revolves around lobbing blobs at colorless walls. Halfway through you'll see that there is so, so, so much more to this game than meets the eye.

How wonderful was that? The last several minutes inside that expansive kingdom where the color is slowly returning was such a delight.

The Unfinished Swan feels like a nostalgic throwback to the classic PC adventure games of the Golden Era...except, this isn't a PC game, it's a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Fans enjoyed games like King's Quest and exploration games likeReturn to Zork, Montezuma's Revenge and Myst will probably find themselves right at home with The Unfinished Swan. I think it's a really cool title that fits well within the PS3's library of unique and independent titles that stray from the typical Hollywood blockbuster effect.

You can look for The Unfinished Swan to release exclusively for the PS3 and to learn more feel free to visit the Official Website.

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