It's not often we get games where you play as a bad guy. It's even rarer we get games where you play as a bad guy out to get revenge. Even more rare than that is being able to play a bad guy, out to get revenge against the good guy while wielding a katana and slicing through hordes of the undead to some trippy rap music. Welcome to Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

The official E3 trailer was recently released from Tecmo Koei and it really sparked a tinge of interest in those who got to lay their eyes on it. Gaming Blend's own Ryan Winslett compared the game to a moving manga full of bloody carnage with all the best moves and cinematic kills receiving some sweet as pie freeze-framing for gamers to enjoy every ounce of awesome they pour out onto the screen by slicing, dicing and mincing zombies in a way that only a badass cyborg ninja could.

Yaiba hasn't been high up on anyone's radar because it's a current generation title set for release in early 2014, despite running on the Unreal Engine 3. However, with that flashy and hilarious trailer above, there's a nice chance that this game could seed its way through the inner under-belly of the niche core community and establish just enough of a fanbase to become a sleeper hit. I imagine that as a best case scenario for Tecmo Koei, which may not be a bad thing if they can round it up and pull it off come 2014.

You can learn more about the game by paying a kind visit to the official website.

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