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It's been a long time coming but a change is going to come. Well, technically, it's not really a change but more like Microsoft listening to all the pleas and cries from their fan base and giving gamers exactly what they wanted.

Microsoft unveiled a brand new trailer to welcome in Crackdown 3 for the Xbox One. That's right, after years of being absent from a middling and somewhat unsatisfactory Crackdown 2, Microsoft has decided to bring back one of the key franchises that helped shape the Xbox 360's early lifespan.

Unfortunately, all of that is entirely designed and made with CG and is not in any way representative of the final game. So if you want to try to do a E3 graphics comparison like what happened with Watch Dogs at E3 2012, you're fresh out of luck.

The game's CG trailer definitely keeps Microsoft out of the hotseat as they attempt to hammer down some more gameplay with Dave Jones at the forefront of development – the original creator and designer of the very first Crackdown – the game is aimed at getting back to the basics that made the original so popular while simultaneously opening the door for bigger, better and more expansive adventures.

As mentioned on the official website, the game will be bringing back the classic cooperative campaign mode that gamers loved so much from the previous two games and this will be coupled with some new features as well...
“Whether you’re playing the Campaign with friends or enjoying an entirely new competitive “Crackdown” experience powered by Xbox Live, you’ll never look at an open-world game the same way again. Best of all, “Crackdown” leverages Xbox Live to power a city which isn’t just an exciting place to play, but is a part of your destructive arsenal.”

One of the things they showcase in the teaser trailer is loading up C4 on a truck and driving up the building and blasting it down, using it to cause some massive destruction throughout the city.

This does bring up an interesting prospective: Geoff Keighley mentioned during E3 that the “Cloud” would play a big part in the game. We also had that demonstration beforehand that Microsoft showcased during their Build conference showing physics being offloaded to dedicated servers. The idea that the game could use the cloud to offload key gameplay features, it would be somewhat disappointing as it would essentially mean that the game would always have to be on to make use of those features.

Even still, we don't get open-world games very often and we get cooperative open-world games even less often than we get standard open-world titles, so any kind of news or info on a new open-world cooperative title is good news nonetheless.

Anyway, Crackdown 3 doesn't quite have a release date scheduled for it but it does seem like the sort of thing that we'll find out more about come E3 2015. Yeah, it's a long wait but it might be worth it.

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