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Nintendo came packing at this year's E3. While the company may be ridiculed for not having taken part in a giant auditorium stage presentation like their arch rivals, but Nintendo played the conference to their own tune and the gaming world listened.

At this year's E3 Nintendo dropped a megaton in the form of The Legend of Zelda U. The game is an unbelievable re-imagining of the Legend of Zelda franchise for the Wii U. It's not just another game and not just another sequel, it's a complete overhaul of everything you thought you experienced in the Zelda universe.

The game looks absolutely gorgeous and is already being hailed across the social media meta-verse as #ZeldaSkyrim. It's not just some out-of-the-blue moniker adopted by Nintendonites looking for a catchy way to describe the new game. The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U will literally be an open-world game just like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

One of the main things that the designers wanted to do was expand on what the original Zelda experiences were like on the NES and SNES, where players could go just about in any direction and experience a startling world beyond the limitations of the scroll screen. In a way, The Legend of Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time did introduce a semi-open world but it was somewhat linear.

The developers want to get away from those limitations, as they showcased in the teaser trailer, which you can view below.

This opens up the game to all sorts of new possibilities and exploration options. Instead of moving through the world at linear points, players will be able to traverse the game world just like in CD Projekt RED's upcoming The Witcher 3 or... Skyrim.

Of course, the game will also feature Epona making a return to the fray along with open-world boss fights, dynamic physics effects and destructibility.

The thing that really stands out with Legend of Zelda for the Wii U is that the visuals are just really unique. It's hard to put a description on what sort of artistic style they're using, but the best way to describe it is as cel-shaded water-paint.

The visuals are really crisp and there's sort of an animated movie feel to the presentation, which is great because Nintendo really needed a game for the Wii U that showcases the secret sauce of the Wii U.

Legend of Zelda for release exclusively on the Wii U starting in 2015, next year. Need more info? Feel free to check out Nintendo's official website. Need more info on all things E3? Be sure to check out Gaming Blend's E3 2014 database.

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