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Electronic Arts just added a new game to the Xbox One's ever-growing library of games in the EA Access Vault: Dead Space. The 2008 horror title from Visceral Games is not only part of the free Games With Gold line-up for the month of April on the Xbox 360, but it's now part of EA's Vault.

The news comes courtesy of Game Informer, who is reporting that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get their hands on Dead Space for the Xbox 360, for free, and that it's also backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Essentially there's now two different ways to get your hands on Dead Space without actually paying for the game itself: You can subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and get it for free this month as part of the Games With Gold program, or you can sign up with the EA Access service and get it for free from there.

The major difference is that with Games With Gold you only have until the end of April to get the game at no extra costs, but with EA Access the game stays in the vault so you can access it at any time.

For those of you who don't know, the EA Access program is a subscription service that allows gamers to sign-up to play titles within Electronic Arts' library.

Every so often the publisher will add games to their Vault, which enables players to access those games whenever they want as part of the subscription plan.

EA Access is only available on Xbox One and PC. Sony said that the service added no additional value to the PlayStation services so they declined to take EA up on their offer. Ouch.

As for Dead Space... it's crazy to think but the game is already eight years old and is quickly approaching the decade-old mark. Gamers who were too young or too scared to play Visceral Games' revolutionary third-person horror-survival title back when it first came out will be in for a real treat because it truly is a classic in the sub-genre.

One of the highlights of Dead Space was in the HUDless gameplay where everything you needed to know was available on Isaac, the protagonist, or the item he was using. Also, it was pretty neat having an arsenal centered around dangerous, space-age construction equipment. It's not often you get to use a laser cutting tool to severe the limbs of foul monsters trying to rip you to shreds.

The game also took a few liberties with how enemies operated... introducing some truly horrific villains, one of which simply could not die. It made for some really, really intense moments and heart-racing circumstances.

Unfortunately, EA decided to stir the pot with Dead Space 3 and turned it more-so into a Gears of War-style co-op shooter with a scaling back of the horror. Due to the massive change in its tone, a lot of the core fans abandoned the series and new fans didn't quite turn up in mass to make up for the difference, thus causing the series to get shelved.

Anyway, you can experience the horror classic for free, either with Games With Gold or by signing up with EA Access.

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