For the past half-decade before the latest game release, the company has been using a studio to release a series of games that sports high-end destructibility, large multiplayer maps with advanced vehicular combat. It's become a staple of that studio's pedigree. However, lately, the games have been releasing in shorter windows and in buggier states. Why is that? Innovation, of course.

GameSpot caught wind of comments made by new CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson, who has been responding to criticisms on Twitter, mostly in regards to the buggy state of Battlefield 4, where certain pressing errors have yet to be fixed, such as the save game error. Here's what Wilson had to say in response to the outcry...

Changed your process? From what to what? If they win Worst Company in America a third time in a row I would say they've settled into a very good process for winning Worst Company in America three times in a row.

Oh yeah, and innovation? Really? Because building in-game advertisements into the actual game while you're actually about ready to play is innovative, and obviously takes precedence over things like, being able to save your game without worrying about losing your data. Am I right?

It's almost as if I've missed the memo where EA has right properly given up on even trying to be pro-consumer at this point.

However, things like the in-game advertisements isn't something that we should see as surprising. EA had to dump the Online Pass last year because they thought they would be getting a front row seat on the consumer butt pounding that would have taken place with Microsoft's Azure-based used game licensing fee.

After the used game fee didn't quite pan out, Microsoft and EA were left to return to the drawing board. One can only take a wild stab in the dark that in-game advertisements was what came out of the blackboard, chalk-writing session.

But getting back on topic... Start 2 Continue offers a very honest opinion on the matter, stating that...
“Hell, making wood furniture by hand is hard but that doesn't stop the Amish from making beautiful chairs, tables, and other wooden things for your home. There's passion and love and care for the products they're making, and they build them to last. That isn't to say the developers that make EA's games are without passion as I doubt any artist creates without some emotional investment in what they're making. But let's be honest here, silence is consent. And we, as consumers, should stop consenting to this kind of bullshit, for lack of a better term.”

It feels like my job is getting easier with more people waking up to the smell of you-know-what and laying the righteous smack down in a textual manner for all to see on public forums and gaming sites alike. Now, more than ever, gamers really need to show that if they're not keen on buying broken games out of the box and supporting poor consumer treatment from mega-billion dollar corporations, they should seriously consider holding the wallet.

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