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In a resounding and unfettered victory over AT&T, Electronic Arts has blasted into the finals as the worst company in America. Congratulations EA, it looks like this might be a clean sweep victory for you this year.

The Consumerist posted the results and Electronic Arts took AT&T in a massive 74.52% to 25.48% win. Consumers have obviously voted outside of their wallets and it appears that despite all the garbage AT&T has been throwing consumers over the years, it just doesn't account to the Origin spyware debacle, the Mass Effect 3 ending, or Project $10, which effectively makes some new or old games void once EA shuts the servers down.

Extra fuel was tossed on the fire when users recently found out about EA's viral marketing tactics, on top of the fact that rumors spread that the company could be looking to buyout a fan-favorite firm soon.

All this negative press surrounding EA hasn't stopped the company from doing what they do best, although many gamers would readily agree that it pales in comparison to what Capcom has been doing lately, showing a blatant lack of compassion, regard or consideration for loyal fans.

EA isn't quite in the clearing yet...they have to go up against one of the very businesses that are responsible for the piss poor global economy, Bank of America. I don't know if the fury of wrathful gamers will be able to overcome homeless, jobless, pissed off Americans who have the Bank of America to blame for all their woes. This will be an epic battle for the ages.

You can cast your vote for the final round by paying a visit to The Consumerist.

While we constantly remind Capcom to stay classy, this time we're rooting for EA to go all the way. We've been voting for you, too. We know you can do it EA, you didn't pull all those shenanigans just to settle for second place. got this.

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