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EA: No NASCAR Game Planned

EA Sports prides itself on creating a large number of games based on real-world sporting organizations. However, their plans for NASCAR are very limited at the moment.

Actually, they don't have any NASCAR plans Here is what EA Sports president Peter Moore told Gamespot:

"There are no plans right now for NASCAR from EA. We had a great relationship over the years that I thoroughly enjoyed when I first got here. Unfortunately…we had to make some tough trade-offs. We've had to redeploy some of those folks. A number of the NASCAR team has moved over now to EA Sports MMA, which will be shipping next year. [We're] still a huge fan of NASCAR, but no plans right now to develop any further games for NASCAR from EA Sports."

It makes sense when you consider the fact that EA's got several Need for Speed games on the way. No sense in creating competition for yourself with a NASCAR game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.