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Penguin United has announced that a new controller converter will be on display at CES 2010 and the device will allow gamers to equip any USB keyboard and mouse up as a replacement for their PS3 controller. This would be a perfect fit for gamers with a Cyber Snipa Warboard or a Logitech mouse who wanted to lay down some mean headshots while strafing like a pro.

Richard Huang, President of Penguin United commented in the press release, saying…
"One of the drawbacks with playing first-person shooters is the lack of speed and accuracy offered by traditional controllers," … "We found a simple solution by bypassing the controller and transferring the button features directly to the computer keyboard. The Eagle-Eye offers an amazing alternative for fans of shooting games."

You can check out a full list of the Eagle-Eye converter features below. Need more info about this product? Don’t hesitate to pay a delightful visit to the Official Penguin United Website.

Eagle-Eye Converter Features

• Customized Key Mapping Feature Transfers Command Data to Keyboard and Mouse
• Same Data Transfer Rate as Original PS3 Controller for Greater Dexterity
• Optional Turbo Mode for R1, R2, L1, L2 and the 4 Primary Action Buttons
• Supports 2 USB Ports for Standard HID Keyboard and Mouse
• Provides Turbo Function for Standard PS3 Controller when Not Using Keyboard/Mouse
• SRP: $49.99
• On Display at CES Booth #5413, North Hall

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