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Holy smoking Batman spandex, this new game from indie dev HandyMan Studios called Edge of Space is a real mind trip. It's not just a survival, side-scrolling, action shoot e'm up, it's also a base-building exploration game with terraforming and epic laser sharks!

All that other stuff is a feather in the wind compared to the laser sharks. Now, let me explain these laser sharks to you...they're like giant Great White Sharks but with flesh burning lasers attached on each side of their gills. The lasers look to generate some devastating streaming rays as opposed to firing in concentrated bursts. Now, I'd imagine that these are probably high-powered particle lasers because sharks would want a projectile in equal strength for long distance shots to their up-close and personal biting attacks. I mean, how would a shark look going into a space battle using spherical photon charges? I mean, that's just silly. Complete nonsense. Ehh, oh right. About the game...

So Edge of Space is like Minecraft meets Terraria meets Metal Slug meets GunForce. It's this awesome combination of games and genres you never thought you would see pixelized together in the same screen space, but it's happened thanks to HandyMan Studios.

Edge of Space Gameplay Trailer – Desura

WTF? No laser sharks? That video was on the verge of greatness until they decided not to focus on the laser sharks. But whatever...

Anyway, if you enjoy a multiplayer, base-building, terraforming, alien-blasting, laser shark adventure game then you can pre-order Edge of Space right now from Desura's Official Page. The game is only $9.99 so the risk factor is low and if you're into laser sharks I don't think you can go wrong. Alternatively, if you're a Gaben fanboy please give this game an upvote on Steam's Greenlight Page because this so deserves to be on Steam.

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