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Even Hitler Hates Capcom's On-Disc DLC For Street Fighter X Tekken

If the whole Street Fighter X Tekken DLC fiasco has you bummed out, no worries, mate. A YouTube user going by the name of SnazzyEchoman (snazzy name by the way) with a little wit and time on his hands put together a new video that just might cheer you up.

The spoof video that was released was ripped from the 2004 German flick, Downfall, featuring Hitler and his top honchos in a bunker, with them revealing to him that Street Fighter X Tekken has some of his favorite characters disc-locked until the PS Vita version is say the least, hilarity ensues. Check it out below.

I know this doesn't qualify as news but I laughed like a noob on this one. I had a hard time keeping my insides from spilling out from nose with a few of those lines. I imagine this video is bound to go viral and deservedly so.

And while the video may be a spoof, everything they mention in the video regarding locked gems, costumes, characters, stages, music and preset combos is true. If you keep up to date with many of the articles we post here at Gaming Blend, it's possible that the disc-locked content could be used as a means to combat used game sales. However, that's just speculation.

Nevertheless, it's expected that Capcom will further elaborate on their plans for the DLC as well as the PS Vita version at Captivate this April. Many die-hard loyalist are crossing their fingers that Capcom may be swayed back over to the light side, however only time will tell.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.