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Power left untapped? Hidden specialties to be uncovered? A special ability buried deep within like the White Tiger Ranger that only Zordon can unlock? Nope. The Xbox One is apparently maxed by 100% according to Forza Motorsport 5 developer, Turn 10 Studios.

Now Gamer caught some comments from Turn 10 Studios' creative director Dan Greenwalt. He expressed some thoughts to Xbox-centric magazine X-One Magazine, which is due out on November 27th. According to Greenwalt...
“Everyone [is] 'using 100 per cent of the box.”

By 'everyone' I would like to assume he's talking about everyone at Turn 10... right? Well, Greenwalt goes on to answer a direct question as to whether or not Forza 5 will run native 1080p at 60fps and if others are using 100% of the Xbox One's power why aren't they hitting 1080p and 60fps, saying...
"I can’t speak for other titles, but what I can say is that we have a bespoke engine that’s designed for the Xbox One. We started before we even shipped Forza 4, so we’ve been working on this.

"And to me, I’ve been working on Forza for ten years now and the reason I like it is that Forza’s always a challenge, we push innovation and it’s not always just make it shinier. It’s cloud powered AI, 16-player multiplayer, dedicated servers, curated liveries. There’s just a lot of innovation there.”

I do have to admit that I love Forza's livery editor. My goodness, EA had a perfect opportunity to rival the livery setup following Underground 2 but they decided to do silly stuff and screw over their own fans. At least Turn 10 recognized that they had hit gold with the tuning, damage and livery system in Forza given that gamers (and real life gearheads) love tuning their favorite cars to look and run a very specific way.

The livery editor is one of the features I wish Sony would have pressured Polyphony Digital in adding to Gran Turismo, but then again the PS3 had the memory issues so I doubt it would have worked anyway.

Getting off that tangent and back on track... Greenwalt did a good job equivocating the query about the other studios not hitting the native 1080p and 60fps standard. Although it does call into question why he would say “everyone” is using 100% of the Xbox One, as it would effectively mean that the launch titles are the Xbox One's technical ceiling? That would be the worst kind of PR Microsoft could ask for.

Greenwalt tries to clean up his comment, however, noting that optimization will come into play and help developers refine their code to offer even more juice getting squeezed out of the system, saying...
"But the truth is that I get asked are we using 100 per cent of the box? Of course we are. Everyone is. Even people who are upscaling are still using 100 per cent of the box. What happens over the course of years is that we get better at tricking the box into doing what we want. It’s optimisation.

"We had more time so we’re very well optimised and we will continue to optimise this game. If you think about Forza 2, it was a well optimised game, but Forza 4 looked a lot better than Forza 2. That just comes with time."

Quick correction: Apparently Infinity Ward wasn't allowed to use the full 100% of the Xbox One's power, which is allegedly why Call of Duty: Ghosts was relegated to native 720p upscaled to 1080p output.

In a way, if the Xbox One's full power is off limits, then the question becomes: how do developers optimize around power limitations or restrictions? And will this continue to affect multiplatform ports for the Xbox One?

Forza Motorsport 5 is set for release as a launch title with the Xbox One on November 22nd and you can learn more about the digital download and install size right here.

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