It looks like a PlayStation 4 announcement is just around the corner and, to get everyone ready for the big reveal, Sony has kicked off an “Evolution of PlayStation” video series. Today's offering is a look back at the PlayStation 2 or, as I liked to call it, the “college homework replacement machine.”

Sony announced last month that, come Feb. 20, they'd be making a major announcement. Rumors and speculation instantly started buzzing around the internet, leading everyone to believe that said announcement would be about the company's upcoming home console, the PlayStation 4. Industry insiders, unnamed sources and through-the-grapevine articles have popped up just about every day since, making the possibility of a PS4 announcement seem more and more likely.

Thanks to Sony's latest video series, though, we can all but be assured that a new console is exactly what they will be announcing this coming Wednesday. It's called the “Evolution of PlayStation” and, as the name implies, it's all about the history of Sony's foray into the gaming market. Late Friday kicked things off with a look at the original PlayStation console. Late last night, it was time to take a look back at the PlayStation 2.

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The timing of these videos is perfect for Sony's history in gaming. My guess is that we'll likely see a video on the PlayStation Portable this evening, the PlayStation 3 tomorrow and the PlayStation Vita on Tuesday, leading straight into Wednesday's announcement. My guess is that their presentation will start off with all of these videos strung together, leading directly into an unveiling of the PlayStation 4.

Again, this is still just speculation at this point. But if I were a betting man, I'd be willing to bank a pretty hefty wager on next gen details coming our way in just a matter of days.

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