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Turtle Rock Studios is hosting another alpha test for Evolve this weekend. Xbox One and PC owners are already playing, but PS4 owners have been sidelined by technical issues.

"Following the recent PS4 2.00 firmware update, we are experiencing difficulties with the Evolve Big Alpha on PlayStation 4," Turtle Rock announced on their website on Friday. "As a result, the test on PlayStation 4 is postponed. PlayStation and 2K are working together on a resolution."

As of this morning, the PS4 version of the test still isn't up. While Turtle Rock works to fix it, they're giving PS4 players access to the PC and Xbox One tests in case they also game on those platforms. Here's the process for PS4 owners to start playing the other tests:
Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Fill out the form completely including the registration code, referral code, and a valid email

Step 3: Check your email for an official invite with your product voucher code

Step 4: Redeem the product voucher code on the platform of your choice to download the game

Registration Code: 05379-29749-32069
Referral Code: EvolveBigAlpha4v1

There are a few different ways to get into the alpha. Everyone from the past test is invited to this one as well. If you own XCOM: Enemy Unknown on PC, you'll find Evolve waiting to be installed in your Steam library. Gamers who pre-ordered on any platform through 2K, Amazon, Best BuY, Target or Walmart by October 21st get guaranteed access as well. A limited codes were also given away by Turtle Rock to social media followers or to gamers who registered for the test beforehand. If you still don't have a code, here are four for the PC version:
  • 547X3-HBBNF-2N4FA
  • 54820-IDHID-WFLG9
  • 5482L-A4JN5-93BDA
In Evolve, four players take on the role of hunters tracking a deadly alien. The fifth player is the alien. The hunter must stop this monster from accomplishing an objective on the map, such as destroying a power generator. To make matters worse, the alien grows in power over the course of the match.

The first alpha gave players access to four hunter characters and one monster, the Goliath. The new test lets players unlock the Kraken along with another set of hunters by completing challenges for each weapon/ability in the first tier of characters. Perks boosting their characters' effectiveness can also be earned. The biggest rewards players can strive for are "Elite" skins, which Turtle Rock estimates will take about 9 hours.

Even if you're not in the alpha, you'll at least have plenty of fresh gameplay footage to check out. Unlike the last test, this one doesn't have a non-disclosure agreement in place. Testers are allowed to capture and stream footage, though your steam ID is still watermarked on the screen for whatever reason.

The Evolve alpha test will end on November 2nd at 8pm PST on all platforms. I do wonder whether Turtle Rock will extend the PS4 test if technical problems persist, though.

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