It appears that anyone who leaves Infinity Ward either has to reload or respawn, as the latest group of developers to exit from the Call of Duty studio has formed their own little group called Reload Studios.

IGN is reporting that the new studio has been formed in collaboration with many members who previously worked on Call of Duty titles. The studio is headed up by James Chung, and he's accompanied by 11 other members, a few of which have previously been employed at Activision under the Infinity Ward banner.

Some of the other members of the team includes a former producer on several Call of Duty titles, Pete Blumel, as well as Taehoon Oh and Hougant Chen, two individuals who also previously worked on the premier shooter franchise at Activision. Chen, in particular even managed to get in some time with Kaos Studios' Homefront.

Blues News notes that one of the two advisers currently employed at Reload Studios is also the co-founder of an online casino. As we all know, it's not a large jump going from online gambling casinos to in-app purchases and microtransactions.

IGN went ahead and posted up some quotes from the group that were printed from an unreleased press release, with James Chung writing...
“When I first saw what the latest round of VR devices could do, I realized these were not just peripherals but brand new platforms that could transform the way we experience, interact with and create media. It was the perfect time to follow my passion and bring together the most talented people I know under one roof to form a development culture that promotes creativity and collaboration.”

The game that they're working on is, quite naturally, a first-person shooter that is being designed for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, virtual reality and mobile devices.

The game makes it yet another title from previous innovators who worked on the Call of Duty franchise. Originally, U4IA also opened up their own studio after having worked on Activision's billion dollar franchise by releasing their free-to-play shooter, Offensive Combat.

Following up on that was Respawn Entertainment, headed up by the two leads who worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. The duo left via an elaborate Project Icebreaker scheme, after being denied bonus funds by Activision that dragged out in a very ugly and vicious lawsuit that ended in a settlement in favor of the two former Infinity Ward leads. After settling that dispute, Respawn Entertainment joined forces with Electronic Arts and released Titanfall, one of the games pegged to help keep the Xbox One selling.

According to Reload Studios' co-founder, Taehoon Oh, he believes that they can offer gamers something different, saying...
“People are always looking for something new. Just as smartphones changed the way we live our lives, I am sure VR will change the way people experience media content. As a game developer, this realization compelled me to become part of a new team that focuses on developing VR content.”

I suppose we can expect announcement about the name of the new FPS as soon as the studio is ready to make the news official. For now, you can pay a visit to the official Reload Studios website for more info.

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