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KontrolFreek has announced that they have a new thumbstick extender to help those gamepad gamers achieve more precision out of their analog use, and the name of the extender is called the “Bombshell”. The Bombshell is KontrolFreek's first pink precision-pad add-on and has arrived just in time for Valentine's Day.

KontrolFreek, for those who don't know, focuses on providing gamers with gamepad accessories that help with things like precision analog controls for fighting or shooting games, as well as extensions for flight simulators and racing titles as well. It might be easy on first-glance to wave them off but I have to say that I don't use an Xbox 360 controller without an FPS Freek extension. It's essential for core shooters and getting the most out of fine-aiming.

The Bombshell is a classic take on the FPS Freek design, with basic rubber protrusions on the thumb rest that enables for static grip and no-slide stick movement, which is crucial when trying to land headshots during those intense battles where your hands get all sweaty and stuff and you're always on the verge of having your thumbs slip off the analog sticks.

Ashish Mistry, CEO of KontrolFreek commented about the new Valentine's day accessory, saying...
“When our loyal fans, especially the female gamers, asked for custom gear, we listened,”... “The result is the Bombshell, and we are excited to offer this Limited Edition FPS Freek to our community of gamers.”
Also, the Bombshell is a great way to show your significant-gaming-other that you really care about their precision needs in shooter games and that you really want them to come out on top with the best Leaderboard score possible.

You can pick up a pair of the FPS Freek Bombshell extenders right now in all their bright pink glory by visiting the official KontrolFreek website.