Kontrol Freek has announced that a new version of the FPS Freek is available for pre-order, just in time for Halo: Reach and it’s called the FPS Freek Legendary edition. Obviously, it’s for those of you Halo fans out there who need a little bit more ‘umph’ out of your head-shot precision aim.

Ashish Mistry, CEO of KontrolFreek commented in the press release, saying…
“KontrolFreek is extremely pleased to be able to offer this special edition FPS Freek to our community of FPS gamers,” …. “KontrolFreek has helped tens of thousands of players become better at the games they love and, with the addition of the stylish FPS Freek Legendary, our tradition of offering innovative and effective console gaming accessories proudly continues.”

The control stick add-on adds an additional 40% of precision gaming to your controller usage, and surprisingly enough, it actually works. The FPS Freek Legendary edition has laser etched designs on the thumb sticks, and a grayish color tint. You can check them out or pre-order a set by visiting the Official Kontrol Freek Website.

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