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People have been trolling Grand Theft Auto V information since the game has been announced last year around the same time. Throughout all of 2012 we've had wonky rumors, crazy “leaks” and everything else in between. Well, a new video is making the rounds showcasing what gamers wish they could play from Rockstar's upcoming open-world action title.

A while back there was some speculation that Grand Theft Auto V may have been too much for today's current generation consoles; that potentially the visuals may trump what current-gen hardware is capable of producing and maybe Rockstar might hold off and release the game with new consoles instead. Well, to rub in that possibility a new video – entirely fake, of course – has been making the rounds touting off near photorealistic graphics with the environments and effects, showcasing what gamers only wish they could play on next-gen consoles.

The video was picked up by German site PC Games, check it out below.

The dead giveaway that this isn't GTA is because there would be all sorts of pop-in and bad LOD loading for the houses and distant background structures.

The other giveaway that this obviously isn't GTA is the guy's animations...when he gets out of the car looks as if he was practicing a reverse enema with a steel pipe and it didn't go so well. Rockstar would never let a character run as if their buttocks were made out of refurbished African blackwood.

Anyway, it's at least a beautifully rendered troll trailer and will keep people entertained and sad knowing that GTA V won't ever look that good, well not until iCE La Glace or Boris Vorontsov get hold of some shaders and pimp the game out like they did with Grand Theft Auto IV.

The last bit of official info included some screenshots of a dude being chased by cops. That's it. GTA V is scheduled to release when Rockstar says it is and until then you can keep on enjoying the trolls having their way with the internet until Rockstar decides to release more info.

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