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The Fallout 3 downloadable episode Point Lookout hasn't been released yet but Bethesda's already talking about Mothership Zeta the episode coming after it. Today Bethesda producer Jeff Gardiner revealed what players should expect from Zeta.

Gardiner told MTV Multiplayer that Zeta will be “more action-oriented" and have "less of an emphasis on exploration." You'll also get your hands on new alien weapons and receive more ammo for that stupidly overpowered Alien Blaster you may have found in the wasteland. The initial announcement from May stated that Zeta has players experience an alien abduction, so presumably you'll get sucked up by a flying saucer and need to blast your way out.

Zeta will be released in July for the PC and Xbox 360 and hit the PS3 later in the year. Point Lookout, a more open-ended adventure, will be released on June 23rd.