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Point Lookout, the fourth downloadable episode for Fallout 3, arrived on the PC and Xbox 360 this morning. In what's become sort of a common routine with Fallout 3 DLC, a few bugs have cropped up.

A few users on the Bethesda forums are already reporting freezing and other glitches. The complaints mention both the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

We've tried the DLC ourselves and have experienced a few crashes as well. It's tough to say just from a couple complaints whether these are universal issues, though. Most North American folks are at work or school now so we'll see if the volume of complaints picks up later in the day. The last two downloadable episodes The Pitt and Broken Steel experienced issues though so it's not outside the realm of possibility for bugs to crop up in Lookout, too.

Lookout adds a new swamp area to the world map filled with new quests, items, and enemies. It's 800 Microsoft Points ($10) and even if it turns out to be glitched, you won't be charged for downloading a fixed version after the fact.

Update: Bethesda VP Marketing and Public Relations Pete Hines told us that "Point Lookout has been a very clean launch and we’re seeing no reports of any major issues or problems at this stage." He adds that "When there’s been legit problems, we’ve addressed, or let folks know what the problem is and told them Microsoft is addressing it, as was the case with Broken Steel. None of that applies to Point Lookout."