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Fans of Fallout 4 are nearly rabid in anticipation for Bethesda Softworks' title. The game is still two weeks out from release and every single morsel of information that some people can squeeze out of the game are being squeezed.

The latest news is that the control manual for the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 has been leaked, according to Gamespot and other sources such as WCCF Tech and Gamezone. They link to a post that links to an imgur album that supposedly contains screen snaps of an app for Smartglass that features the controls for the Xbox One version of the game.

There are a couple of brand new features added to the way players will engage with the wasteland in Fallout 4, including no longer having to switch to the grenades in order to use them. The imgur album reveals that the right trigger is to attack and the left trigger is to aim or block, depending on what you have equipped. What's new is that the bumpers now work as support buffers for what players intend to do in combat. The left bumper will bring up the VATs, a control mechanism for zeroing in on an opponent's body part and attacking it to get maximum effectiveness out of the attack. The right bumper, however, will allow players to throw a grenade instantly at an attacker if it's held down, otherwise it unleashes a power attack.

This is a departure from the previous Fallout where the game had players cycling through their inventory to select the grenade and then throw it, similar to games like Half-Life or the older Ghost Recon games. In this case the change will obviously give players a faster sense of gameplay reactions with the grenade being accessible at the tap of a button.

Some of the other buttons perform basic tasks as well, such as looking around, sprinting and even sneaking. The sneaking will be key for gamers who exercise stealth over running and gunning. A jump button is present for scaling environments or trying to look evasive during a firefight. There's a Piboy button so you can bring up the necessary info on your character and surroundings, and there's a reload button and a activate button. Those two are obviously self-explanatory.

This probably isn't the sort of Fallout 4 news that some fans have been hoping for. It's just some basic controls being revealed. Some of the more die-hards have even taken to Doom videos and other promotional material on YouTube by Bethesda to beg the company for more videos and info on Fallout 4.

One thing I have to give to Bethesda is that they knew exactly how to build hype for the game and carry it through all the way to the game's release on November 10th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

They didn't have to pull any publicity stunts or manufacture any controversy, they just needed to let gamers know what's going to be featured in Fallout 4 and fans have gone crazy for it.

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