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Fallout 4 is down to being days away. Fans are counting down the time until they can get their hands on one of the most anticipated games of the generation. Leading up to the game's release is a collection of screenshots leaked from the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

All Games Beta managed to get their hands on a collection of screenshots from the PlayStation 4 version of Bethesda Softworks' upcoming Fallout 4.

The screenshots take place early on in the game when players first start off, right before the nuke hits and right after the nuke hits.

The early set of shots show what the idyllic town looks like before things go kaput. The player character is seen walking around the side streets as people are either frolicking about in their day or fleeing for their lives. Given that the alert probably just went off, I imagine they're fleeing for their lives. The next series of shots shows the player-character racing up a hill into a forested area toward the safety of the confined vault. A guard in Power Armor is passed along the way.

The next set of shots jump into the post-nuclear apocalypse, where the player-character is seen walking about the wastelands of Boston, Massachusetts. A familiar face is encountered in the likes of Dogmeat... a fan-favorite Fallout character.

There are a few environmental shots, as well as the results of the player rummaging through the wasteland to discover trinkets like a statue of the Pip Boy.

The Pip Boy 3000 device is also on display, showcasing how it can be used to scout out the map, attempt to hone in on your location in the current map, and even survey your stats.

There's also a short glimpse at one of the wasteland monstrosities that players will have to do battle with, which includes a giant, foot-sized fly.

So far gamers haven't been able to get enough of Fallout 4 and the game has been hyped from here to the moon... by the fans.

Fallout 4 will be the first game that allows players to experience what the world is like before it gets burned up and wiped out from nuclear warfare.

The game sees players scavenging for supplies, crafting new items and interacting with the residents within the surrounding area of Boston. The game will utilize a new system that allows players to gather up pretty much any item they see and use it as a way to craft brand new items.

One of the more hotly anticipated features in Fallout 4 is the new base building that allows players to build bases and defend it from invasions from bandits, mutants and other monsters. Players can literally use modular design schematics to shape the base in any way that they see fit, along with defense measures and more.

Fallout 4 is shaping up to be one of the biggest AAA titles this year and will launch on November 10th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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